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"CONTROL DRINKING : I went to see Robert for help with managing my issues around alcohol...... not having the ability to stop after one or two drinks. I also became a rather horrible person when I went past the 'point of no return', and more times than often would put myself in potentially dangerous situations........ I wasn't ready to give up drinking altogether and I was worried that the treatment would mean I would have to make that decision. However, through Robert's sessions I have found that my thoughts, and in turn my behaviour has shifted in a very positive direction and although I know I still have to be very careful in certain situations, I feel that without Robert's help I wouldn't have been able to make these encouraging steps towards having a healthier relationship with alcohol."
- Jane

"I sought help from Robert following a most disturbing period of ANXIETY relating to my CANCER diagnosis. Robert has the perfect manner for clinical work, being calm, attentive, empathetic and knowledgeable while also maintaining a steady focus on the work in hand. I never felt rushed or pushed into a prescribed way of managing my anxieties. Robert's expertise allowed me to self-manage my anxieties, so that within three sessions my anxiety was well under control and no longer imposing on my life. I would recommend Robert to others. His confidence and ways of working is well placed and extremely contagious."
Geraldine, CPsychol: MSc

STOPPING SMOKING: "I am stunned... after so many failed attempts at quitting the dreaded fags, you made it so easy for me... I never imagined that after a couple of sessions with you, its all behind me. I have had no cravings, no anxiety, no irritability, I seemed to go from zero to hero right from the off.

The real test has always been on nights out... Now I can go outside with the smokers and not be tempted. I don’t need to avoid situations any more. I'm no longer tempted to accept ‘just the one' cigarette.

Anyone considering whether to try hypnotherapy to quit smoking should definitely go for a few sessions with Robert. I tried everything, from cold turkey, acupuncture, laser beam acupuncture, nicotine patches, Zyban, etc etc and nothing worked. Until now!

I am so grateful to be free again. I feel fitter, healthier, calmer and richer! I also smell a lot nicer and won’t get the smokers wrinkles."
Nancy S

"I had what I would describe as a huge problem with FLYING PHOBIA before I came to see Robert. I'm a fairly orderly and controlled individual but fear took hold as much as two weeks before my departure date. I had tried many remedies to help with relaxing or sleeping but nothing helped. Flying filled me with dread and crippled me with overwhelming fear and anxiety. After undertaking a few hypnosis sessions I can honestly say that my minset started to settle and improve. On the day of my flight I felt more relaxed and in control than ever before, even having a meal at the airport! The hypnosis sessiosn with Robert, together with his excellent follow-up exercises and personalised CD listening materials were very helpful and meant I had a more calm and positive flying experience."

"I approached Robert for help with an EATING DISORDER and some other small issues. My experience of hypnotherapy has been truly amazing and unexpected. I would never have thought it could make such a difference, with so much improvement to my self-esteem and my way of seeing and approaching life in general. After a couple of years fighting with myself, thanks to hypnotherapy, I have reached my goals to have a more balanced and relaxed life."

"I first approached Mr Robert Finlayson because I have suffered from ANXIETY for many years of my life. The root of my anxiety was mainly caused by a FEAR OF FLYING and especially flying on my own. The loss of control, being confined in a small surrounding for a long period of time was something that was stopping me from doing many things that I am passionate about, like traveling.

Robert helped me understand how the brain is the main control of every emotion that I feel, teaching me techniques that I will have with me forever now to calm myself and be in control of every situation. Hypnotherapy showed me things I have never been able to see before and I have tried many things in the past 8 years.

The result was incredible. I went with a positive attitude and was willing to take advice. I practiced everything we did in our sessions and I could see and feel results from the first session. I overcame a very big obstacle of my life after seeing Mr Finlayson and words cannot come close to how grateful and thankful I am for the help, along with the follow up even after all our sessions were done.

I particularly liked the connection I had immediately with Robert. His calm and relaxed aura really radiates and makes you feel comfortable to speak openly about any issue that you are having. The experience was for me more than enjoyable, it opened my eyes and ways of thinking to many things, it has made me feel more than confident that I am now in control of my anxiety and able to manage any other obstacle that come my way. Techniques that will help me through everything.

I would recommend Robert to anyone and everyone that needs help with issues that have an effect on their life and stops them from being able to do certain things. Feeling free is a beautiful thing and I truly owe much credit to this amazing man. Thank you Robert"

"Robert Finlayson came recommended to me after a particularly stressful time in my life. SELF ESTEEM and CONFIDENCE were rock bottom. I had had some previous counselling due to depression but was anti going down the pharmaceutical route of mood enhancing drugs. I was eager to get help but must admit that I was sceptical about hypnotherapy having tried it some time ago with another therapist which I did not feel benefited me at all.

After one session with Robert I was a convert. I relaxed into a deep trance and left the session with a sense of calm and purpose. Over the few weeks that I attended therapy I noticed a significant increase in my clarity of thought and direction, and a much needed boost of confidence.

Robert is an amiable, beautifully spoken and gentle person who I believe has a true gift for his profession."

"I wanted to understand more about my early relationship with my father as I felt it was impacting my present day relationships with men. The sessions reconnected me with my memories and feelings from those early years and this was both revealing and healing. I was able to let go of a large limiting belief that my father had not loved me and in doing so embrace the belief that I am loveable. This has proved enormously cathartic and nourishing to me. Robert is a kind and safe therapist who gently enabled me to delve deeply into my early years. The anxiety I often feel in engaging in intimate relationships has now been replaced by a quiet confidence that I am worthy of love.”
Darren B.

"Things happen when you least expect them but I have discovered hypnotherapy at a time when I both needed it and when I was also likely to get the most out it. As a classical musician, the impact on me, both as a performer and person, has been fantastic. Hypnosis has helped me with the confidence to deal with STAGE PERFORMANCE ANXIETY and issues which have lain beneath the surface, affecting my playing and my life in ways I was not always been aware of. I believe everyone should experience some sort of therapy. It’s an effective way of getting to know oneself and becoming a better human being, both for ourselves and for others."
L-M. S. - Musician

"I came to Robert seeking help for my ANXIETY with being in situations where I was alone and "trapped"… When I first came to Robert I was hoping for a miracle cure. The mere thought of going on the tube, being in a crowd with no exit was enough to bring me to a debilitating PANIC ATTACK. What I learned helped me almost immediately. After the first session I stopped looking for exits whenever I was in any enclosed spaces. I could go on the tube, I could stand in huge crowds with no visible exit, and thanks to Roberts techniques was able to calm my anxiety to very manageable levels... I am now embarking on a move abroad with hope and excitement rather than fear. I cannot recommend Robert highly enough. Over the last ten years I had seen many therapists who failed to help me but Robert is the first therapist who has managed to tune into my individual mind, thoughts and feelings to help me overcome my anxiety."
Asif (Saudi Arabia)

DRIVING TEST PHOBIA – "After suffering most of my adult life with a fear around cars and driving, I decided in my 54th year it was time I learnt to drive and pass my driving test. The prospect and process of learning filled me with abject terror and made the whole experience feel far more arduous. When I came to see Robert, I had very low expectations - especially after having had therapy before, with no benefit whatsoever. From the very first session I was struck by Robert’s genuine sense of care and commitment to help me control my fear of the test. Under his guidance I discovered that I was far more receptive to the process of hypnotherapy than I imagined and began really seeing the change that this instilled in me. Suffice to say that after a relatively short period of time seeing Robert, I passed my test, first time. I recently bought my first car. I know that I would not have been able to have done that without Robert’s help."