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Performance Anxiety/Stage Fright

Having been a singer and actor for many years, I know from personal experience what it can feel like to experience stage fright.

It’s an uncomfortable anxiety related to the fear of negative evaluation by others and/or an unmanageable fear of failure, either during performance or auditions. Performance anxiety can be defined as the fear of negative evaluation or humiliation. It often afflicts those who are naturally prone to feeling anxious.

We all need a certain degree of arousal and adrenalin to perform at our optimum level. However, if you suffer from performance anxiety you will almost certainly experience the ‘fright or flight’ stress response which can be traumatic in performance situations. Symptoms include increased heart rate, breathlessness, changes in vision, sweaty palms, 'butterflies in the stomach' and a dry mouth.

By utilising hypnotic relaxation techniques, modifying habitual thoughts and negative ‘self-talk’, and learning tools such as self-hypnosis, Mindfulness and breathing techniques, an often rapid and effective resolution to this condition can be achieved during hypnotherapy.