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Cancer Support

Through my own personal experience of cancer, I understand the impact it can have on one's life.

In recent years the medical profession has taken the view that the treatment of cancer is multi-faceted, involving many processes and therapies in addition to surgery, radiotherapy and/or chemotherapy treatment.

Whilst hypnotherapy is not a cure for cancer it can be most helpful in improving the patient's quality of life. Anxiety and fear often arise when the patient is faced with a cancer diagnosis and the prospect of challenging and difficult treatment.

Anxiety not only affects mood but plays an important role in our perception of pain. Hypnosis can be an effective tool in pain management, using techniques such as glove anaesthesia, symptom substitution, even amnesia. These techniques can also be taught to the patient so that they can use them in self-hypnosis.

Research into the use of hypnosis and the immune system has shown that hypnotic imagery and relaxation techniques can help the body fight disease as well as giving the patient a sense of control over the development of their condition.